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Private Equity & Loans for
Business Ventures & Acquisitions

Gain access to High-Net Worth Individuals


Our network of investors seeks to acquire businesses and make investments in various industries including software, technology, healthcare, home furniture & bedding, energy, and construction.



Our group has access to High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals whose net worth ranges between $10M+ and $100M+. These investors are prepared to invest in companies that show strong promise of growth and returns.



Our investment philosophy includes the complete acquisition of companies and minority investments. We operate companies as an on-going concern for 3 - 5 years in most cases before seeking an additive exit event. 

The right partner can help an entrepreneur break through obstacles and become a millionaire


Who We Work With

Entrepreneurs who are qualified innovators & wealth creators. We seek to partner with those that are driving their companies into the future with purpose and intention, whether they intend to stay on-board or transition the business to us entirely. 

Our Story

Our team consists of successful entrepreneurs that have built their fortunes growing & selling businesses for a living. Today our founders take 25+ years of experience and invest in entrepreneurs that show remarkable promise and potential. 

We invest in people first, businesses second.

If you're looking for a partner, not just an investor - we might be the right company for you

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