We turn Entrepreneurs into Millionaires

We represent an alliance of entrepreneurs who have successfully built businesses, grown them, and exited them. The people behind these successes love what they do, and they got so good at the process they decided to form Stone Peak to help others. Today, we work with entrepreneurs to achieve remarkable results, whether that's exponential growth of revenue or an M&A event. This is all done through unique, world-class strategies that aren’t in the mainstream. 


Bart Rupert

Managing Partner

Stephanie Taylor

Partner & VP of BD

Austin VanCampen

Partner & VP of Media

Andre Mattera


Damien Callaghan


Lana Coronado


David Wilk


What Drives us to Excellence

Buying & Selling Companies

Our passion is buying & selling individual businesses and portfolio businesses. It's the most exciting part of the process and we've gotten exceedingly good at it.


Getting a business sold is one thing. But negotiating a deal that makes the seller a multi-millionaire under ideal terms? Priceless. Leverage our skill set to sell your business for peak value.

Accelerated Growth

Sometimes addressing a few blind spots can allow an owner to double or triple their revenue, often in a short period of time. People call it "growth hacking," but for us it's simply pointing out the most elegant way to achieve an ideal exit.

Helping Business Owners

Feeling stuck, like you're all on your own with the weight of the world on your shoulders? You're not alone. Every entrepreneur feels that way. Working in an alliance allows you to brainstorm and network with other like-minded people. This leads to unexpected breakthroughs.

Deal Flow

Our team has pioneered a unique, powerful way to drive global deal flow across a variety of countries. Why look in your back yard for the best deal when there's an entire world of opportunity out there?


Getting the best deal for the business owner and beating out the "big guys" in the process - there's nothing like it. We like winning. So do the business owners we partner with.

Joint Ventures

Have a deal on the horizon, but missing some skill sets? Perhaps we can do a joint venture and tackle the company together. Our team can secure financing, implement turn arounds, find strategic buyers, negotiate the deal, etc.

Mastermind Collaboration

We're looking for motivated, driven individuals that are ready to take their lives to the next level buying and selling businesses. If you would like to join our alliance, reach out to us.

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